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Bridal Tips from Kacie Myers, Owner of Lashes and Lace

Kacie Myers is the owner of Lashes and Lace in downtown Charleston and is your go to for all things bridal hair and makeup!

Kacie Myers is the owner of Lashes and Lace in downtown Charleston and is your go to for all things bridal hair and makeup! Here she shares some bridal tips!

Q: I am torn between styles, how do I decide what looks best?

This is where the importance of a trial run comes in! At a trial run, you will be able to try multiple looks. We recommend doing the trial run the same day as a dress fitting so you cans see the finished look put together and make sure it’s a cohesive vision that you’re in love with! Also, think about how you typically wear your hair and how you feel the most confident. If you never wear your hair up and feel prettiest with it down, then regardless of your dress or any other factors, you should wear your hair down. If you are worried about your curls falling, you can always hire your hairstyles to return between the ceremony and reception for touchups! It’s a minimal fee to ensure you look and feel your best all night long! Lastly, don’t opt for braids or ‘trendy’ styles on the wedding day just because you see them on influencers pages or editorial spreads. You want to choose something that looks like ‘you’, that is classy and timeless. Fast forward ten years from now – you want to still love the photos hanging on your wall!

Q: How should I prepare my hair for my wedding day?

Everyone’s hair is different and you know your hair best. I want my brides to feel as confident as possible and if that means washing their hair the morning of the wedding then that is totally fine! Some clients just tend to get oily overnight and don’t feel ‘clean’ without washing their hair daily. I would never want a bride to go by the ‘day old hair’ rule if that meant they didn’t feel their absolute best on their big day. In today’s hair world, we have an arsenal of hair texturizers that can ‘dirty’ up the hair. We do ask that your hair is completely dry, but whether it’s freshly washed or a day or two old, is completely up to you!

Q: Will my hair and makeup last all day?

Our hair and makeup products are geared to last the entirety of your wedding ceremony and reception. We use specific prep and setting products along with airbrush makeup which is sweat resistant for up to 18 hours. That being said, we are based in Charleston which is known for it’s hot summers and humid weather, so it’s never a bad idea to hire your glam team to return for touchups between the ceremony and reception.

Q: Do all my bridesmaids need to have the same hair style?

Absolutely not! This is a tradition that has gone out the window and we are here for it. Actually, we prefer that brides let their bridesmaids choose their own specific hairstyles. Just think – these are going to be your wedding photos that last a lifetime. Not every hairstyle looks good on every person. We highly recommend letting your girls choose their style so they feel the most beautiful and confident. That will shine through the photographs and make your wedding photos even better! I will say – if you want to wear a downstyle, it may be a good option for everyone else to have an updo of some sort just so you stand out. But I would allow them to choose the style that best suits their face shape and dress style.

Q: When should I book my hair and makeup?

Just like most vendors in Charleston, hair and makeup teams book approximately one year out. We are currently booking for 2024 – which seems crazy – but it’s true! Booking quickly allows you to get your top pick of vendors. Once you are booked, we will have some down time before the timeline, planning, trial run scheduling, etc. all takes place, but at least you will have a secure spot on our books and will know your hair and makeup will be gorgeous for the big day! The last thing you want is to wait until 6 months out to realize all of the top hair and makeup teams are fully booked. It’s always best to start booking vendors the minute you get engaged!